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River Ron

Submitted: Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:19

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Hi All
I did a search on River Ron and found that a few on this forum new him what sparked this was the fact that after many years of being out of the district and not seeing Ron, i have now returned to the area and decided to take my family down to the turon river to meet Ron But i was to late he had passed back in 2006 i was saddened by this but just as sad to see the state of affairs that the old tin shack was in so i have sent a letter to the national parks to see if something could be done about it and also volunteered my time to help and maybe get some sort of plague put up and have this as a protected area much like the snowy mountain huts. if there is anyone out there that may be able to help me with trying to achieve this or give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated after all he lived a wonderful life and probably made a cuppa for a lot of people through the years.

this is a copy of the letter i sent to NPWS

Cheers James


Good Morning
This weekend just gone by i though i would take my wife and sons to the Turon national park in the hope that we may find a person that i met years ago River Ron, but unfortunately we were a few years to late. This man had a huge impact on my life at the time with many visits to him whilst on regular fly fishing trips, we would sit and talk for hours over a cuppa, i was amazed at his past and the way he still kept him self and his quarters neat and tidy, truly a man at peace with himself . Don't you get lonely i asked once and the answer replied was you only get lonely if you don't like the person you live with.
I was saddened by his passing and not seeing him for nearly a decade but that happens when you move far away, now that i have moved back to the region i felt i should see him and introduce my wife and children, it was not to be.
I was happy to see the parks and wildlife sign say River Ron at the tin shack, what i wasn't happy to see was the state it was in and the old shack as well was a disgrace and i know Ron would turn in his grave to see it in such a state.
I also found a plague at the old hut with Ron's name and date of birth and death it was also in a sad state of affairs.
Is it possible for the huts to be protected and maybe cleaned up { i would be more than willing to help } and would it also be possible to erect some sort of reminder to people that this man lived and died here. After all there’s not to many people that are let reside in a national park and many people new him from there visits there pre national parks days and after it became a park.

Please do not ignore this small request i am sure there would be a mountain of people out there along with myself that would be willing to help.

Yours Truly
James Roberts


I never had the pleasure of meeting Ron, but like yourself and many others am saddened but the state of the hut and the man's legacy. Good luck in what you want to do and I am sure you will find many like minded people to help, such as various 4WD clubs and individuals that may want to help keep the memories alive for future generations. The Aussie legends are fast disappearing.

Contact 4WD NSW & ACT for possible support, they are currently working with N.P.NSW on a few projects that are part of a new understanding between the two organisations, that has benefits for both parties. 4WD NSW & ACT

Keep us informed. Cheers Colin.


We passed through there in June and it was a bit of a mess.

It would be be great if you or others could send me some more details about River Ron and what you suggest might be done. The Central West regional National Parks office is just upstairs in the building where I work and I can easily drop something up to them to have a look at.

I always remember having a cuppa with Ron at the old shack before it was washed away.
He told us about the 24" trout that were in the river and that they were a staple diet of his. I also remember seeing schools of fish numbering into the hundreds all through the river. Sadly not anymore.

The police at Capertee used to drive down and check on Ron quite frequently and anytime we went past we always got a friendly smile and wave ( I didn't like to intrude too much).

Our campsite had a couple of platapi so on a moonlit night sitting around the campfire we could watch them going about their business oblivious to us.

I know it was his home but it was a shame that the original shack and caravan weren't there to preserve rather than the last one he lived in.

Unfortunately due to the easily accessible nature of the park, you will always get the tossers in there and so I doubt you will be able to have the shack in a vandal free way for long unlike the Vic high country that takes a little more effort to get to.