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Website Programming

A Website consists of a number of files which contains information (text, graphics, object etc) that is to be viewed or read by viewers accessing your website.
This information is written in text style format and different coding can be used to display a web page. A page can contain HTML code plus CSS and/or Javascript code to enhance or to simplify the standard HTML programming.


The main files are Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML or HTM) code that are text files that follow the rules of the HTML format. HTML is a text and image formatting language used by web browsers to dynamically format web pages. This HTML file is downloaded from the website server to a computer where the web browser decodes the text information and forms a viewable page of text, images, object etc. The HTML files have a file name extension of 'html' or 'htm' .


There may be additional files that provide instructions on how the HTML file is to be displayed such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This is additional coding applied to the HTML document to discribe the way it is presented. It allows changes to text colours, size, location and other presentational attributes of HTML documents that was not possible with strict HTML code. The CSS code can be addressed outside the HTML document with a seperate file ie 'syyle.css', or within the Header section or within the document boby.


Javascript is a functional programming language that allows conditional changes on the HTML document. These functions are embedded within the Head section, or Body of the HTML file or accessed from an external file. eg: 'calculator.js' and perform interaction with the HTML coding to display popups, checking user inputs, change images etc which is beyond the scope of either HTML or CSS coding.

Writing HTML Code

HTML code is a text type document with a file name extension as 'html' or 'htm'. It can be written or edited with any program that writes text files. However there are HTML compiler programs such as 'Adobe Dreamweaver', 'MS Frontpage' and 'kompozer' that are a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and will write HTML code.

Publishing Files

Your Webpage will be more than likely to contain a number of HTML files, CSS files, Image files and Javascript files.
These files are to be uploaded to your Website Host Server.
The Website Host Server is a large powerful computer that has a directory containing your files.
When a user enters your website address in a browser they are directed by your Domain Register to your Host Server then to your 'index.html' file. The Host Server downloads the HTML and any other associated files to the users' computer where their browser decodes the files to show your web page.

The links above will show further information and/or examples on website programming.

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