Lassie - Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Location:- Maloneys Beach, near Batemans Bay.

Was reported by a member of the public with a rope/cord around its neck.

She may have accidentally got a tent cord caught around her neck.

Or, a failed attempt to trap a kangaroo?

The cord was around her neck three times.

The first two were close to her skin, the third with the knot was a bit looser.

She has one Joey in the pouch, and another juvenile out of the pouch.

She was very skittish, would bolt at the first sign of sharp noise or quick movement.

Tried catching her with netting – it failed.

Local Zoo staff arrived to tranquilpze her– but she and the mob she belongs with could not be found.

Eventually after many days of obtaining her trust by regular feeding with roo pellets, the cord was cut by using a long, steel rod that had sharp knife blades in the hook at the end.

Cord now removed - She can now eat without tripping on the cord.